We are always looking for great people!
If you are enthusiastic, passionate about food and interested in working with us please email your cv to:

Best of luck!

It all starts here 
How do you start? You're first a Trainee – you've got the shirt, you've got the smile, the will, the ambition. 

We'll show you the tricks of the job, we'll help you get used to it all, and you can go at your own pace. There's a 3 month probation though... 

Cashier  – Show me the Money!

That's an easy one – it's just a question of looking at what's in the box / sandwich, and asking the customer if it's eat in or takeaway. Actually it's more difficult than that, but most importantly it's the last link between the customer and KEEN, so we have to make sure everything is all right. It's all about having a good vibe, showing great, positive energy, and having a genuine nice smile. If the customer's a first timer, it's great as you'll see how you can make him smile – just by giving them amazing food and a fantastic experience!

Prep – Chef anyone?
Prep's a more chilled out job – it's great when you're on your own and you do what you want, as long as the job's done. It's amazing, as you're the one that does the food, that prepares everything and help serve thousands and thousands of customers a week. It's very rewarding and it's less stressed out, as long as you're in control, and you don't forget to do something!

Dining Area – Who's working the floor? 

If you're on Dining area, you're making sure the dining area looks a 100% all the time. You make sure everything is topped up, the tables are clean, the customers are full and happy, and that everyone is having a good time. If anyone needs anything, just be there to help them out!

Buddies – Not just for Christmas 
A Buddy helps you out when it all starts. He's got it all, is passionate, is a leader, and knows the trade in and out. He's in charge of training the trainees and the Keenos, and is one of the point of contacts of the team. He knows it all, so ask him questions and questions – he's always there to help!

We want to give all we can to everyone, and help everyone be a better person. That means everyone gets the opportunity to master all the different jobs and become a proper restaurateur. We'll help you every step of the way, we'll mentor you and encourage you and you'll see that it can be really rewarding to be here. There are real opportunities for hard-working, great energy people, and we are here to give them. 

The Management Team
Our aim is to have at least 90% of our managers start as Keenos. We've learnt that experience in other fast food restaurants is of not much value to us as we do things very differently – we actually cook food on the spot. There's a real progression possible and we think there is nothing more challenging and rewarding to be working here. Starting up a restaurant, watching it grow and become a centre for the community, developing the people in the restaurant, creating an amazing customer experience. The product is key, but it's the people that make the experience, and it's very special. 

Management careers 
There are many many ways to become a manager, we look for special people from all walks of life. Read through all the descriptions, let us know what you think and if you apply and are successful, after many tests.. you'll see – it's all about the journey!

The General Manager – they are called Apo, we are not for big titles 
The Apo is the heart of the restaurant – you're the father/mother figure, the head of the family. You'll be called Apo, you're there to help, and make sure everything is working smoothly. You'll be the head, the heart and the soul of the restaurant, and you'll be there to keep the restaurant profitable, and be making all the big decisions around it. You'll receive plenty of help from the Support the Troops team, and you'll be able to either become a Restaurateur and manage more than one restaurant, or become a Franchisee, Master Franchisee, or Co-Franchisee if you decide to become an owner!

Kitchen and Service Managers – Let’s see how you manage 

It's your first step to becoming an Apo. You'll learn how to run great shifts and empower all your team. You'll be in charge of the restaurant for half a day, and any questions will go directly to you. Obviously, we'll always be there to help you and to train you. You'll be given as much as you can handle, but we still expect you to push yourself in order for you to progress. We'll give you all the feedback you need, and help you through dedicated courses. As a manager, this is the start of big things happening to you!




Bim! You're looking for a job, browsing and browsing all those websites.. and you think you've found a gem but it takes time... 

Here – it's something special. At least we think so. We're new. We're ambitious. And we're starting a Revolution. It's kinda like starting at one of the first McDonald's in the 50's, one of the first Nando's in the 90's. Or starting at Google ten years ago. It's going to be as big as that (at least we hope so). Legen-Dairy. And it's all about Mediterranean food – it's food you love that's good for you. It's going to be done well, food worth eating. So. That's why we're looking for pretty cool people to start with. It's going to be an experience. And as we're looking to expand quite quickly, there are real opportunities here.

If you have real restaurant experience, all the better. If it's your first time, we'll be teaching you the in's and out's, and in a couple of months, if you're good, we'll be letting you manage your own. If you're into risk, we'll help you own your own restaurant too (pretty good value for money if you ask me!). Yep – it's in the hands of the people. We firmly believe we as a team manage to work better and can learn from each other. It's a no brainer as they say in the US of A.
Anyway, most importantly, if you work with us, we'll help you grow as person, you'll learn a ton of important and less important stuff, and you'll be (we hope) a better person. We'll treat you as part of the family (Vito Corleone style – just joking), and we only hire people who we think can be the managers of tomorrow, so it's definitely going to be a challenge for both of us! 

As you probably expect, it's a very tough job. It's “manually” easy, as in it's not difficult to do – and anyone can learn to do a recipe or serve a customer. But doing it well, extremely well, with a smile, with passion and with love is much much harder. Especially after a lunch rush or at 11pm after a long day. So it's a job for special people with special powers. It's for a "people person", so if you feel like you are a Special One too, come and check out the different opportunities!




What is it that makes a Keeno so special? 
You'll see that it's tough to become a Keeno, what we call our crew members, mainly because we think you've either got it, or you don't. We're looking for a certain type of special person, someone with the “Force” (just like in Star Wars...). We've managed to refine and refine the “Force” to a few characteristics, there are 13 in total, and we think that if you've got them, you'll be a success here and you'll love it. Actually, we truly think that if you've got those characteristics, you can work/be anywhere, as they are key to success more generally.
Here goes:
1 Happy
2 Honest
3 Presentable
4 Hospitable
5 Conscientious
6 Motivated
7 Ambitious
8 Curious 
9 Smart
10 High Energy
11 Infectiously Enthusiastic
12 Respectful
13 Polite

Those characteristics can't be taught, you've either got them or you don't. Then, it's a question of having the vision for the restaurant and having the values that we should all aspire to. It's important to take pride in everything we do, to be passionate about the food, and to show enthusiasm at all moments of the day. As we think as a family, everyone in the restaurant will want you to succeed, while still having fun!




We've got great experience at different chains in the UK and Europe, but it's the beginning for all of us! So it's an exciting time, but some of it will be a bit touch and go. We're looking to expand fast as well, so there's loads of opportunities to grow, and if we've got the right people with us, we'll be able to grow at an amazing speed and give all the people that want it an amazing challenge. For instance, thinking of going to Brazil? Australia anyone? Want to go back home to Spain? 

We firmly believe that it's a global market, and that everyone loves good food, so we're looking for partners there to finance our business, and restaurateurs to manage and oversee the local growth. 

You're changing the world with our focus on sustainably raised food, and by focussing on this, you can taste the difference. The key to our success is buying great raw ingredients, and that's rewarding for all of us. 

How we work 
If you've been in a restaurant before, as a waiter, chef, or anything really, you know that we work through shifts. We'll keep you as Keen as possible, by training you to be best, get you to the next level. You'll be working with people for whom you'll have enormous amounts of respect. They'll be your co-workers, and they'll become your friends too. We have a Keen University also, and you'll be able to get the most out of it through a degree. If you'll need to improve your English, we will also get you there. 

And finally

What's different with us, is that we're not just looking for people with experience in the food business or in hospitality. Actually, we do things differently from all the other chains. We cook the food on site, we don't use a freezer and we don't use microwaves. Everything is done properly. So if you've worked in another fast food, that's great, but it's actually not why we'd hire you. It's your approach to customers, how you get on with your fellow Keenos, and the smile you bring in everyday. You'll find that if you do things right, this will be a real blessing for you.