Most of what we do is made in our Kitchen downstairs, by our Chefs Rob and Karolina.

Our Menu changes weekly, we focus on local, home-made and delicious. We're here to learn, want to try your own recipes, and discover new savours.

Our main USP is our Hot Section - Hot pots, stews and soups from the Mediterranean and afar.

We currently have 3 Stews - Chicken Tagine, Pork Picante, which come with brown rice and Braised Lentils, which come in a tomato and pepper sauce.

The Chicken Tagine is a Moroccan recipe with multiple spices, carrots, onions and garlic. The Pork Picante is a Catalan recipe, which is a sweet and sour pork, with peppers and onions. The Lentils, are braised and come with tomatoes, courgettes, and more. 

We also make freshly baked Sandwiches, Mediterranean Salads, Hand Pressed Juices and Desserts.