Based in Cornwall, Origin Coffee Roasters are good people, on top of having one of the best eco-friendly coffee roasters in the world, the Loring SmartRoast, the world's first environmentally friendly coffee roaster. It uses 80% less energy than any other roaster on the market and produces next to no emissions.

All our coffee is environmentally sourced and Origin's strict social standards mean that they work closely with their farmers to guarantee they are getting a great price for their crop and that their workers and the environment are being looked after too. 

We use their Twenty-two blend, which seasonally changes, tastes great, is traded fairly and we’re proud to put our name on. We hope you like it.


We use a two group, 2011 Aurelia Nuova Simonelli, the World Barista Championships coffee machine up until 2013. It safeguards the environment with its energy co-generation system and is used around the world.


We chose a Mazzer Super Jolly, doserless electronic espresso grinder. 900 watt motor, 71mm conical burrs running at 500 rpm. It grinds our espresso shots at 19 grams in 5 seconds. It has an integrated cooling fan, an electronic timer with a programmable display. 

Cup Sizes

We use 12 and 8oz cup options. Our coffees are served as double shots as standard, which is approximately 50ml of espresso in each cup.


We believe that by combining the best blend, baristas and equipment, we are able to make artisan coffee to suit you. Our Baristas are experts in what they do, and passionate about the results. They have been trained by the best in the UK.


We are 100% focussed on keeping our machines, grinders and surrounding work areas impeccably clean. We have gone for an alpine white coffee counter to help us keep that area impeccably clean. 

Coffee Tasting

We drink and check the taste of our coffee ourselves. All the time.

Questions and Answers

If you’re interested in Coffee or have any questions on how we make our coffee, if you wish to watch and learn how we do so, we’d be more than happy to spend time with you. Just Ask!

Have fun and see you soon!